Summit 17

Web Directions


A new direction, twice the focus 


Web Directions Summit brings together the whole digital industry, with two curated tracks, one focused on development and engineering, the other focused on design. For this, they brought together the finest minds at the intersection of technology and design, in an atmosphere unlike any other.

"Out of any conference, Web Directions is far and away our favourite."

Dave Greiner, founder Campaign Monitor

With an event every second month, Web Directions and Handle Branding have really been able to help clarify and re-imagine the Web Directions events in a consistent and cohesive direction.

Our overall strategy with Web Directions Summit was success with the attendees who live and breathe this realm. Watching them engage in the branding, marketing material and each other was a sure highlight and left a memorable experience for everyone who attended.


Transforming places that engage people through purpose and meaning.

Event branding and place making is an essential part of the experience and marketing. How your audience interacts with your branding through its touch-points adds to the impression and emotional experience of your audience. Being heard is one thing but being remembered is another.


Project Overview

Visual Identity
Brand Hierarchy Strategy
Icons and Supporting Graphics
Image and brand development
Advertising recommendations
Responsive Website Interface Design