Villiers Canteen Rebranding

Parramatta, Sydney


A tasty new look for Villiers Canteen

Tucked away on Villiers Street in the heart of Parramatta, Villiers Canteen offers home made bakery items , daily fresh salads, sandwiches and wraps. This humble cafe has successful served people over the many years and under a new owner it was time for an update. Villiers Canteen's focus was to step-up and as apart of that we were approached to re-brand and refresh all elements of their brand identity that took into account their history and that can grow with their business.

We created a unique and upmarket identity which would showcase their evolution. The identity and supporting graphical patterns were influenced by the style of the building and location. This logomark was then abstracted with a series of icons to represent the brand in a short-form that where then applied to uniforms, coffee cups, signage, printed menus, napkins, product bags and collateral.

Handle-Branding-Villiers-Street-Canteen-Rebranding_02_0006_Vector Smart Object.jpg
Handle-Branding-Villiers-Street-Canteen-Rebranding_02_0007_Vector Smart Object.jpg
Handle-Branding-Villiers-Street-Canteen-Rebranding_02_0010_Vector Smart Object.jpg
Villiers Canteen Rebranding

Project Overview

Branding & Identity
Coffee Cups, Napkins, Printed Menus
Uniforms, Stationery and Collateral
Website graphics and brand development
Signage, Advertising recommendations
Brand Snapshot, Logos and Supporting Graphics