Importance a good supplier


Yesterday we had the pleasure of being taken through the print presses of Hero Print by Alex Coulson to investigate with one of our suppliers what goes on behind the scenes and to do a press check. We have only started recently sending our work there and to be honest we have only good things to say about our suppliers Hero Print with never really any issues and if so handled accordingly, fast turn around and fantastic service. Then it got me thinking finding a good and reliable supplier is as important as the business itself especially when starting up (trust me). 

So what makes for a good supplier?

  • Delivers on promises & on time

  • Handles issues or concerns

  • Takes the time to look after you

  • Is going to be around in the next 5 years

  • Consistent and reliable

The importance of having a good supplier not only eases your mind but also has a roll on affect to that of your clients, with them now being able to see you as a reliable source. When you find that your supplier isn't meeting the above criteria it can make for an unsteady relationship and reflect poorly on your own business. Keeping a good network of suppliers and contacts I have found is crucial to the quality, reputation and reliability of any business.


So where and how do I find a good supplier?

  • Referrals and previous experiences

  • Industry related research

  • Take into consideration cost + quality

  • Research into competitors suppliers

  • Trial your supplier with smaller jobs with less risk before giving them larger ones

If you are looking for a good supplier and believe Handle Branding can help you we would be more then happy to discuss with you how we can meet your needs to support your business growth and stability. Click here to contact Handle Branding Sydney for further information.

Brand, TechMichael Schepis