Have you always wanted to know what your brand is?


Have you always wanted to know what your brand is? If you’re confused trying to work out what your business ‘brand’ really is, you can relax right now for these two reasons:

  1. Most business owners face this struggle, just like you are now.

  2. Your brand is TRULY what your company is all about.

Ok, so that probably sort of makes sense. To make it completely clear, let me add some perspective by citing a well recognised and understood brand in the context of a shopping trip.

While at the supermarket, imagine receiving a call to urgently return home with a bucket of ice cream that is of decent quality.

You find that the stocks at this supermarket are very low, but you just don’t have time to walk two blocks and waste more time looking for the mother lode of ice cream.

Of the limited options on offer, you do see one colourful brand which is unfamiliar to you, a generic brand, and one of the Streets brand.

You have no time to think, so it’s a no-brainer. You grab the bucket of Streets and race through the checkout and head for home.

The reason you chose Streets without any second thoughts is because it has skilfully – through intelligent branding campaigns that reflect its quality of product – educated the consumer of it’s true worth.

Hence, if you received an urgent call for quality ice cream anywhere in Australia and faced the same decision drama, you would know without doubt that in that plastic bucket with the Streets logo is a product of consistently high quality.

If you are unclear what your potential key assets are in any branding exercise, remember it could be a symbol, a slogan, a name, a design. It could be more than one of these and in some cases it has been all of these.

Whatever is identified as the ideal way to brand your company, your brand is the ultimate differentiator between the goods and services you offer and those of other sellers.

You have a target market, so your challenge is to gain selection over the competition. Ultimately, the long term goal is for them to see you as the only provider to their need.

If you are thinking the time has come to re strategize or relaunch your business and believe Handle Branding can help you, we would be more then happy to discuss with you how we can meet your needs to support your business growth and stability. So let us buy you an ice-cream and Click here to contact Handle Branding Sydney for further information.