Branding and strategy for startups what next?


You’re a start up with no brand. What next? This is the ultimate start-up conundrum. You have a great idea, a good knowledge of market needs, and you are sure you have the right solution to meet that perceived demand.

But your business is new and nobody knows you exist. Furthermore, you are conscious that even in this testing time for the first year or two it would make a difference if you thought ahead at what visible presence you would ultimately like.

But all you can really think about is designing the right logo. Welcome to the problem faced by pretty much every start-up business in Australia.

It’s basically Day 1 and already you have to think far ahead about customer loyalty and how to set that in motion.

While it’s impossible to give you a tailored solution purely through this blog, what we can do is at least put your mind in the right framework so the future and your branding doesn’t come as a chaotic surprise.

Yes, it’s about much more than just a logo, and often by looking from inside the fishbowl your view of the next few years may not be as clear as it should be.

Regardless of whatever market your business is in, let us help you in just a tiny way, right here, right now, in at least helping to form a basic picture of what branding actually means to you - not just as a start-up, but also years down the track.

That’s because when branding a start-up you aren’t just branding for today, you’re branding for a perpetual effect that has its true returns and effects years from now.

These 5 points illustrate what I mean.

1.Branding will act as a motivator for any customer to buy from you rather than your competitors

2.Done well, a strategic plan eventually ensures your prospects are connected emotionally with your brand

3.Branding also acts as trigger that motivates purchases

4.Branding creates strong customer loyalty

5.And finally, it is a confirmation of your company credibility

In very simple terms, the key to getting it right is to not only deliver the message clearly and powerfully through your branding strategy, it must neatly tie in with whatever it is you know that your potential customers need and want.

And that’s why, even though you may be a start-up, nailing the right strategy on day one can make things so much more effective years down the track.

If you are thinking the time has come for a re-brand or relaunch of your business and believe Handle Branding can help you, we would be more then happy to discuss with you how we can meet your needs to support your business growth and stability. Click here to contact Handle Branding Sydney for further information.