Building a standout brand


When strategising in the military and you become unsure of the knowledge of your terrain, the next priority is usually effective mobilisation. This is because it will be very careless not be ready for anything that lies ahead or anything that may be a source of threat to the victory of your conquest or even your survival.

This is also the same with branding especially in market conditions that are very dynamic and quite uncertain at any time. For your brand to survive in this kind of condition, you need to be agile, responsive, and proactive as well as adopt adaptive strategies when branding your business in order to not lose relevance in a market where consumer needs are ever changing at a very fast, unprecedented rate. The following are factors or rather traits that make the big brands stand out regardless of harsh market conditions:


Big brands don’t just wait to anticipate change, they know change is inevitable and use it as a potent strategy to stay on top of their game. They make this possible as they always plan and prepare to adapt to any kind of change and lead the market. A good example is what Henry Ford did with the motoring business in 1908, he introduced a machine that redefined transport in the 20th century at a time when humans depended on animals for personal transport.

He at that time automatically led the market at that time, even though he wasn’t controlling the market. He understood the change that was imminent and was prepared to face those changes at that time.

Thoughtful leadership

This is seen in the huge investments big brands make in ensuring consistent learning, research, and development. They do business with an open mind, looking for better ways to solve the ever-evolving customer needs. They are not resting on their oars or becoming complacent but are aggressively learning, boosting the capacity of their staff for the benefit of their customers and the business at large. This they do due to the huge value that is placed on thoughtful business leadership.

Creativity and Innovation

Big brands are known to be trailblazers not followers of the bandwagon. They creatively embrace new ideas, technologies, and concepts that plunge them into innovation that make them stand out. They lead the markets by identifying customer needs and then solve those needs via quality research outputs. They don’t follow trends that set the trends that others follow through their aggressive innovative abilities.

For instance, Burberry becomes the first luxury brand that actually became digitalised. Why? The CEO incorporated digital technology as the core of the company’s ethics. Their priority as an establishment was allowing their customers to enjoy unbridled access to their brand via digital technology which was never done before. This eventually positioned them to be the foremost fashion brand and gave them access to markets beyond their competitors’ reach. As a matter of fact, their creativity and innovative character are worthy of emulation.

Big brands tell a story around their core values instead of services

With the understanding that the market is very dynamic and quite unstable, big brands try to gain the trust of their customers by flaunting their core values. They present themselves as a brand that customers can always rely on for quality, which is a powerful strategy for effective branding. Products and services always change as customers’ trends change but the core values of a brand remain constant. They tell a timeless story with their brand core values and also popularise them with  short powerful mantras to have a firm grip on the market.

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