There is no doubt with Davco Easy Grout

Parex Group Davco engaged Handle Branding to design the Easy Grout packaging, branding and marketing in the launch for Easy Grout, a premium, pre-mixed and ready to use wall and floor tile grout suitable for interior tiling applications.

Davco Easy Grout is a ready to use, advanced performance grout – a breakthrough for tilers and DIYers who want to work smarter, not harder. Thanks to its innovative formulation, Easy Grout is ready to go the minute you open the pail. Forget about messy mixing and excess grout. Instead, enjoy zero waste, smooth application and fast clean up. 

Davco Easy Grout was rolled-out on a national level and is available at your major tiling stores and at Bunnings Warehouse.

Whether the job is interior residential or commercial, wall or floor, Easy Grout truly provides performance like no other, no doubt. 

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To see how easy it is to use Davco Easy Grout, watch our video

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