Simple branding strategies


Below we have put together our 5 top branding strategies to position your e-commerce over the competition.

With brand loyalty declining for the third year in a row, building a solid customer base is more important than ever.

The Internet has allowed people to transform themselves into very well-informed buyers, and the power is currently in the hands of the consumer. Often, buyers neglect the idea of brand loyalty if the product is sold elsewhere at a lower price.

So how can you fight this?

Let’s take a look at different ways to build a powerful digital branding strategy for your e-commerce site.

1. Define your unique sales proposal

Defining a single sales proposal is a fundamental step in any successful brand strategy. The objective is to differentiate your brand from those of your competitors and to give customers a reason to buy a product from you.

This proposal should be built around a unique history, philosophy or objective of your company and product.

2. Differentiate your brand in terms of product quality

Using your brand's concept of product quality as a marketing tool is an effective way to build and strengthen brand loyalty.

Nowadays, if the product you sell is not manufactured or designed with quality in mind, you will not get repeat customers.

3. Change the rules of branding promotion

A bold but potentially explosive brand strategy is to change the rules of the game of brand promotion. Taking risks can sometimes attract new attention to your e-commerce site.

If your product is original or unique, why not position your marketing plan around this advantage?

4. Customise the customer experience

To create such a customer experience, the members of the store team in question probably had to do a lot of research; to make sure they targeted people who match their brand identity, and to be able to customize all the details.

5. The spirit of generosity

Brands can successfully position themselves in a competitive online space by adopting a spirit of generosity towards their customers.

Be sure to do everything in your power to thank your customers for their purchases.


Your branding strategy will help define how your customers perceive your company, your store and your product. More importantly, it helps you differentiate your brand image from the competition, and thus avoid having to compete on price.

Now that you have built a solid foundation for your e-commerce brand, it is time to start selling!

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