Brands and Instagram TV (IGTV)


In case you are someone who loves exploring Instagram, then it would not be wrong to believe that, you are currently spending your entire days stalking Instagram. The Instagram management team just unveiled a brand new feature that is toping the charts and this new feature is also regarded as the new trend. This could even be regarded as the best feature Instagram has added to its platform since it came into existence. Go check out IGTV on YouTube. After achieving about 1 billion users per month, this recent feature was announced by Instagram in San Francisco which is believe to be their hometown. The event had a lot of influencers and was regarded as being flashy.

Ever since Instagram was acquired by Facebook, this social media platform has overshadowed Snapchat. This may be due to the inclusion of features such as the explore page, stories and the direct message features. It has also become the number one choice for most social media users, as it allows an online one hour video to be posted, this makes it second to YouTube. This new feature gives users the privilege of developing contents which is way above the normal social media video length.

The explore feature is also an amazing feature as it allows user to view and see virtually everything around the globe, just by simply searching with a hashtag. However, the IGTV which the platform just launched may be the most desirable feature. By using the Instagram app you will have the freedom of going through channels of people you are following. While doing this, you will also get a suggested “For You” channel.

With this new IGTV feature, you can interact with various Instagram channels. And do not forget that you also have an option of liking, commenting, and also sharing videos you like. This helps in keeping the community social media idea.

Since Instagram is the very first mobile platform, vertical or portrait format is the default format for all IGTV videos, this is different from the already known landscape format which we always watch long video clips in. It is confusing if this new trend of users having to force themselves to get use to the new vertical video format would pose as a threat to the new IGTV. What do you think? The Elite Daily in 2017 made a report that users which are 25 years and below spend about 32 minutes every day watching videos on Instagram. It also reported that users who are above the age of 25, spend about 24 minutes every day on Instagram. These times may have been estimated wrongly, no one can tell. However, it is believe that younger users spend up to an hour or more watching this videos on Instagram, though this has not yet be proven as a fact.

Users that create videos would be changed to channels, but they will still keep their original Instagram name intact. In case you gain a new follower, then you have also gained a new channel subscriber automatically. This feature is not only available to those users whose accounts have been verified (that is, with the blue tick), it is applicable to every Instagram user. Anybody can develop an IGTV channel. Would becoming the next Instagram trend be too difficult for you? Maybe, you have wanted to own a YouTube channel, but found the procedure to be too cumbersome, and expensive, then the IGTV is the best place to start up something.

The IGTV does not have any ads for now, but it is believed that this would be introduced soon, because of the sole reason that ads on the IGTV would make advertisers see this as a new rival to the usual way of carrying out broadcast advertising.

With the conclusion of the resolution we had recently, we have some questions left. The first one is; what effect would this new feature have on YouTube? Tech-savvy Gen Z’s have made social media part of their daily life and about 29% of these tech-savvy believe this method is the best for a brand to get seen or heard online.

The second question is, what effect would this have on influencers? Every Instagram user will have access to the same tools which can be used for making videos on their IGTV channels, can we still see an influx of new figures on social media? For existing influencers, and brands, this feature may make them decide to minimise the way they use YouTube, and the way they record, edit, and have videos uploaded to their channels. These influencers may end up switching to IGTV to enjoy a one way recording and a simple way for including their videos on their channels.

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