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Completed:October 2015


NSW Health - Westmead Hospital - Womens & Newborn Health Branding

This is a great example of a collaboration between government and agency. The Womens & Newborn Health at Westmead have over 6000 Births a Year that is 16 a day. In Sept of 2015 they had 240 babies in 2 weeks which makes them one of the largest Maternity Units in NSW and yet they where missing one thing a brand.

We considered various options and felt that the logo drew from its inspiration - circle in aboriginal symbolism represents child, the center of a flower, diverse network and in the fetal development as cells.

With an opportunity to create a fresh and exciting new brand – we used bright, bold colours and imagery that was natural and true to their stories. Using this approach we succeeded in making the brand look inviting and modern for its main patient market 20-40 yr olds.

The campaign 'We Deliver' played on the idea that as a whole the department supported their patients through various avenues such as care, support, encouragement and via their new website research and answers to the many questions that lay with Womens and Newborn Health.

Brand Project Overview
  • Naming and Positioning Statement
  • Brand Hierarchy Strategy
  • Identity
  • Brand Snapshot, Logos and Supporting Graphics
  • Image and brand development
  • Signage
  • Advertising recommendations
  • Responsive Website Interface Design

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