Categories:Packaging Design

Completed:September 2016


Neptune Bio Innovations (NBI) - Product Range Launch

You know it's going to be a good relationship when your first meeting ends with you doing product tastings with the Strategic Brand Manager and the CEO of an innovative food and health solutions company.

Neptune Bio Innovations (NBI) is a good example of Client & Agency working collaboratively together. NBI where going to market with a new brand and range of products and as apart of that process they where looking at bringing on a new agency.

Handle worked very closely with NBI to push forward the new product range based off Key Visuals with a very tight turn around and deadline. All around it was a success with everyone working to einth degree.

The outcome was that collaboratively NBI & Handle Branding were able to help define, create & revolutionise these products from consumer identity, through to packaging design and help create an exciting retail experience and final result.

Brand Project Overview
  • Collaborative creative direction with NBI
  • Image retouching and brand development
  • Barcode Creation
  • Packaging Design
  • Shipper Design
  • Mockups and Renders
  • Taste Testing (my faviourite part)

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