Categories:Editorial Design & Print

Completed:Nov 2016


Scroll Magazine - The Direction Edition / Issue #04

The last edition of Scroll this year coincided with Direction 2016 event by Web Directions. The magazine itself was put together a little differently than the last issue we had all the inside text pages on an uncoated grange paper and increased the page count. We played with dark and light spreads once again as an added interest creating a creative and yet consistent style with creative flexibility our ambition with Scroll was to create something of genuine and lasting value, in field that's often ephemeral. The magazine includes interviews, articles, speakers from past events and much more, this was the last magazine for the quarter and look forward to next years issue.

Brand Project Overview
  • Work in colloboratation with stakeholders and Managaing Editor Ricky Onsman
  • Create a Magazine that connects with the people and ideas that make the Web
  • Incorporate a digital side QR Code, hashtags and digital aspects that link to digital online content
  • Create a design and grid system in which we can use in following issues
  • Icon designs and Editorial Design Layout
  • Illustrations and Images
  • Advertsing and Sponsor page design
  • Register the Magazine with the National Australian Libarary
  • Handle complete design and print package

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