Categories:Rebranding, Design

Completed:May 2016

NSW Education - Fairfield High School Rebrand


Getting a call from the Vice Principal brings back a few memories however in this case we where honoured to answer the call to rebrand Fairfield High School.

Fairfield High school has a history dating back to 1955; the South Western Sydney co-ed school now boasts over 1100 students strong between Grades 7-12.

The opportunity to re-empower the School and engage with the Teachers & Community was something that we really wanted to achieve so we traced back the history of the school to produce our final result.

Starting from the very basics such as research, school history, surrounding schools, area growth & development it became clear that we needed to create a brand with a strong sense of history that was still recognisable. We then presented to the key stakeholders leading the initiative and then to all staff with the rebrand being very well received.

Brand Project Overview
  • Naming and Positioning Statement
  • Brand Hierarchy Strategy
  • Identity
  • Brand Snapshot, Logos and Supporting Graphics
  • Image and brand development
  • Stationery
  • Uniform design style suggestions
  • School Signage & Promotional Banners
  • Marketing recommendations
  • Responsive Website Interface Design

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